We do not limit ourselves just to the concept development – we create a product, supervising all production stages, working with the materials and being fully aware of the complexity of these processes.

We are Luxor Design Buro. A creative studio specializing in providing personal design solutions for premium-segment brands.

We don’t have a huge staff and don’t work on the network agencies principles. But each of our specialists is in his own right place and that’s why we are quite flexible for the experiments.

Each of our projects is a certain challenge. We try to explore new ways in making our decisions, experiencing mutual orgasms with the client and delivering results.

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We have a small private production base, a number of talented designers and a constantly growing list of reliable partners. All this allows us to fully live the life of the product from its conception to the joyful birth. 

We always welcome new positive people whether it’s a client or a designer looking for self-expression.

Call us at any convenient time for you, but not at night – after all we do sometimes sleep)