Feeling it’s an art

An oasis of taste for a true gourmet. Huge collection of wines, silvered decanters by Christofle, chandeliers by Philippe Starck and pictures by Roberta Coni… That's all about the restaurant DiVino that was recently opened in the very heart of Donetsk. We were lucky to undertake this project and design entire identity for this restaurant. And everything started with a slogan – FEELING IT'S AN ART. To support the message we introduced a series of abstract images, which visually reveal its essence. Dosed water-paints with a mood in red-wine shades dilute the classics by bringing in some art and supporting the overall tone of the red lines in the restaurant interior. There are no strict margins or boundaries here, one can recognize a landscape or a person in the image, it can be calm and reserves or, on the contrary agitating and passionate.